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I am sorry, as I reread the mom's post it does ay batgirl.
thanks so much. Batgirl was not as popular as Batman so could not come up with an idea for her. So appreciate your ideas.
I have been asked to do a cake for 3 children who will be dressed as catgirl, superman and batman. In addition to cake (no ideas yet) she wants a separate cupcake or small cake for each one. How do I decorate those? any ideas?
not really into fondant although it would be great for decorations. Anyone have any cute cake ideas to share and thanks.
that's a great idea! thanks so much. I love doing meringue mushroomns.
my nephew is giving me carte blanche but does not like chocolate or lemon. Want to knock his 18 year old socks off. What goes great with white...think rasberry would not be his first choice. I wished he liked chocolate!!!!!
How can I make it look nice for an anniversary cake ordered?
I beat a large cream cheese and then box of INSTANT cheesecake pudding and 1/2 cup milk. Set aside and then beat 2 cups "Bettercreme" until thick (I do about 8 mins) and then add Bettercreme mixture. Search for "Melvira" and she is the one I think that introduced us to this wonderful product. I think there is a Bettercreme Thread as well. Hope this helps.
thanks for the great idea(s)...will give it a gol
he's just an officer in a Bank....there are hundreds of them here! Family man, private. Boring. (hahahaha)When you make a chocolate shell to set your cupcake in how do you cut it?
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