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I did a cheesecake wedding and used the satellite stands that were gorgeous...I filled with mini lights and ivy.  I frosted my cheesecakes with buttercream so I could decorate and they were tremendous.  Had a hard time with the hall staff insisting they chill them right after pics were taken at beginning of dinner because they would have tasted much better but they were still great...rasberry swirl and chocolate swirl per request.
OMG! I so love it...I hope you don't mind if I borrow it sweetpea. Pat
need a great birthday saying for use with edible image of depend package.
have you used the chocolate writers? I LOVE them. come in all colors. Can get them at local cake/candy supply store.
you guys are the bomb. What great ideas. thanks so much.
want to make buildings for side of sheet cake but want to use chocolate. I HATE the taste of fondant and don't want to make mmf. I am sure I could do a model on wax paper but what would you use for or how could make a mold? We are not talking tall buildings...if look at the superhero cakes or batman cakes most are made from black fondant with yellow fondant squares for windows? Ideas anyone?
thanks much. Appreciate it. I saw a batgirl mask with the batman insignia but it was done in pink and black.
I am sorry, as I reread the mom's post it does ay batgirl.
thanks so much. Batgirl was not as popular as Batman so could not come up with an idea for her. So appreciate your ideas.
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