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I just put a cardboard on top and flip it over. If this is the cardboard you are using under your cake, before to cover it first if that is what you do.
this is similar to the Rich's Bettrcreme you find at have to flavor the helk out of it. I love it in fillings but not fond of using it as frosting. It does frost like a dream though but as I said needs Toriani syrups, pudding and cream cheese mixed in, chocolate syrup....
As I stated earlier, Mardi Gras has everything you need. The only thing I found with the clear cupcake boxes (12 size) is that they do not seem to be as deep as the ones that Mare's carried and if you swirl your frosting too high, you may crush it. I wish they had a better quality box. There was a store in Lakewood, as well, called Create-A-Cake but they also decided to stop carrying cake/candy supplies. All the good ones are gone sadly.
I miss them too and Mare was the you can go a couple of blocks West on Lorain and on right side there is a shopping plaza just past Speedway. There is a store called Mardi Gras that will have everything you need. Pat
if you use the Rich's Bettercreme, be sure to add some wonderful flavorings to it like torani syrups, or any flavoring...taste as you flavor cause it can take a good amount and they are yummy. Marshmallow syrup is divine if you prefer something with a little taste but then you can go with rasberry, blueberry, etc. Experiment and have fun but pesonally I think it does need a great flavor booster. The chocolate is divine if you can find it but here in Cleveland OH they...
there was a thread from Melvira awhile back with so many alterations using Bettercreme, Ya'll help me here if I misquote but I have used it and love it. Take a counter softened package ( 8-oz) cream cheese and beat with mixer...if using vanilla bettercreme add to cream cheese one small box INSTANT vanilla pudding mix with about 1/2 cup milk and mix all together...then beat your Bettercreme maybe less than 10 mins until thick..if too thick add a bit more bettercreme..then...
my experience decorating a cake with colored buttercream or fondant decos was that they bled onto the whipped cream...unless you are serving close to the time you are decorating, I think it would be a bit messy. You have to fridge a whipped cream cake so that would be a problem. As for taking color, any? I think pastels but black and pastels, may run together. Just a thought.
I have used Bada Bing and it melts nice and tastes great. You can always thin your chocolate with paramount crystals but depends on what you are using it for. I always was a fan of Van Leer but cannot find it locally in Ohio.
I add a packet of WhipIt by Oetker found in baking isle of grocery store and a packet of vanilla sugar also by Oetker to 8 ounces of heavy whipping cream when whipping.
Mom wants spiderman/my little pony combine cake...HELP. need ideas. Also candy class idea using my little pony theme.
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