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ive lost a lot of customers that use food stamps to get there cakes from Walmart and you get what you pay for.  some are nice and some are just a big mess
you may have to call the store directly since its on clearance that's why it may not be on line.
i have this great pen that i just got.  On sale at staples was 89.00 got for 20.00 online its 119.95 its called livescribe echo pen.  you can look it up online at  what ever you write or draw on the special paper you down load to your computer.  At first i was like must be junk but it really works great.  great for drawing or if on the road and get a tip or cake receipt you can write and download when you get home.  The best 20.00 i have ever spent.
very nice when I get my new house I want to be just as orginized
craftsy has a class that teaches you how to make peonys or you can even look on youtube
i tried duff and it was so bad it was so soft and would not set up.
i have always used wilton i just started using satin ice and its so much more softer than wilton having issues
I started with going to vista print printing my biz cards.  I made a facebook page and started making cakes as practice and giving to friends and family but also took pics to post to fb.  From there I started getting calls from people that tasted the cakes that i gave for free.  I have been pretty much steady since Feb of this year that I started.  Also try to do shows sometimes you can even get in free.  
i too am new and pricing has caused a big problem for me can i get some help also.
Hello all, I am new I have baked cakes in the past for family and friends but know I want to bake for the public. What I wanted to know is the basics. I read about tasting so I asume you bake some cake and have the bride taste them. Well my question is what types of cake do you use. I normally use box cakes cause home made are so dense and people are really not use to them. Any suggestions on how to start out would be very much appreciated.
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