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Sorry, could not resist showing (off) the end result ... 😃😃
Yesss ... Victory ... I managed to assemble a flower without severe breakage 😃
Hi K8, Thanks! Yes, it the little dooey in the middel that is supposed to stick up The other pieces I make separately, thread them and put them together when dry. That goes relatively good.   I'll post pictures in a next post, as my iphone and laptop do not communicate ;-) I made one of the flower and one of the booboo's   Thanks for looking!!
Hi, I hope that somebody can help me.   I am working on some moth orchids. I have a wedding cake coming up and is has moth orchids over it. So ... I thought I would try them out first and do some practice orchids ... and boy am I glad I did.   I hope somebody here has a tip for me. Everything goes smoothly. I cut out all the parts of the orchid, vein them dry them. The next day I start assembling the flowers, they are on treads ... so far so good, until I want to put...
You did help. I will try adding the melted choc before the eggs en do the dry ingredients last, will add the cocoa powder and mix a bit longer. Thanks for the advice
I do already:wink: when cooled I wrap the cakes in baking paper and foil and let it sit overnight.I am sort do glad to read that it is probably the type of cake for being brittle and that it's not completely my inability to bake a cake. I will add the cocoa and longer mixing as K8 suggested, hopefully making it a bit more sturdy.
Thanks, really appreciate your reply One last question, would you advice mixing all the ingredients at high speed or low speed?
Dear cake guruh's, I use a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake for my orders. While the chocolate cake is very nice and not too dry, I find it hard to work with the cake. Especially when I handle the cake, tort it etc, I need to be very careful, otherwise it will break. If I use a fruit filling, even with the ganache border that I pipe in which the fruit filling sits, it stays very wobbly. I don't have that problem with the vanilla cake. I use ganache so in the end the...
I think it's the AmeriColor. I had the same with a cake 2 weeks ago, had to pipe grass with buttercream. Buttercream was fine, until I added the Electric Green ... it went all "wet" and lumpy.   So - no more AmeriColor in my buttercream ... shame though, I like the Electric Green ... it's so vibrant
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