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Thank you cheesecakes galore and cakelady31 for your suggestion. I will be verifying how many are coming (RSVP). and go accordingly.
HiI need to make a cake for my sister's baby shower. It is going to be for at leas 50 people. I was thinking on doing a two-tier cake but what sizes should I make? (8in/6in, 10in/8in) I am thinking the 8in/6in combo. please give me your input. Thank you!
Congrats! Great Job! Love the colors!
Thanks jlynnw, inamommy1205 It looks like I might have the house to myself if so then I will be able to do this without interruptions and no extra hands to mess it up except for me of course. lol I will post pictures when done. The shower is for the end of June.
Hi How long in advance could you decorate sugar cookies with royal icing?I will be decorating 40 large butterfly cookies for my sister's baby shower; however, I do not have much space to dry them all at once. It would be nice to be able to do them slowly in advance. I will also be making the cake/cupcakes for the shower. Any help would be welcome.
Hi Dianehe is a member here. there is a topic by him on the forum!Welcome to Cakecentral!
Love the cake. Will have to try the baking in a can idea. Thanks for the info. Congrats!
Thanks I may try the royal icing. I'm going to practice run before I need to do it for my sisters baby shower.
I am going to try the color flow soon for practice. I have never done it before. Is there a good recipe for it? Any suggestions about mixing it?Thanks
Is the best way to do butterflies looking more realistic?Thanks for you help
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