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When I first started scratch baking, things were a little difficult to master for the reasons stated above. I found though that I tended to get more consistent results using one method (reverse creaming) over another (creaming). Creaming was too temperamental for me, and I never put in the time to master it. Sometimes you just have to find what works for you and go from there.
Thank you!
^^ This. I kept thinking to myself, the retainer couldn't have been a significant enough amount for the customer to walk away from it like this.
I just did! How nice. I've heard of sugarveil before but never paid much attention to it. Goodness. I wonder how much this will set me back Caking can be so expensive!
Ribbon roses huh? Thank you!
Please can anyone provide a link to a tutorial for these fluffy bows on the cake. And how in the world did they do the lace pattern? Airbrush over the lace pattern?
Thank you. You're a gem!
Pray tell, where is this thread? I couldn't find it in this forum.
Heheheh! You should've seen my face, that emoticon was spot on. I had to use it
* Backing out of thread s-l-o-w-l-y... *
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