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Please share pics if you can
*Backs out of thread s-l-o-w-l-y*
Don't waste your money. They suck.
I agree, especially with the cherries.
While we're discussing adding these acidic ingredients with distinct flavors that will modify your recipe's overall flavor, OP, you might want to consider how having the 'tang' plays well with your vanilla. I know I had to totally neutralize the sour cream in my recipe as it was tainting the 'pure' vanilla flavor I was going for.Adding things like sour cream and buttermilk without accounting for the acid-base balance of your recipe will give you a different taste. You may...
Yes, do a search either through the search option on the top right or on Google making sure to include cake central in the criteria. There are 999,999 threads asking about pricing and the responses are pretty much the same. The first page of this forum has 3 similar threads.
Thanks FromScratchSF for bringing up Google Wallet. The last time I tried to read-up about it, all I got was information for customers wishing to use Google Wallet rather than merchants wishing to accept Google wallet.So if I understand the info in that link you sent, the card reader is one that the credit card gets tapped on (rather than sliding the card). This reader is plugged into your phone like the Square card reader?
What does your contract say about the deadline for receiving the deposit? Make her aware and if she decides to miss the deadline, then per your contract the 'order' is cancelled.
Here's what a simple search brought up:Many of the posts share different views on the merits/demerits of pastry school vs other options;, be sure the program has a strong emphasis CAKE DECORATING. Most Pastry schools prepare you to be a pastry chef not necessarily a cake decorator, so you will...
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