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I wish all the adults starting 100 threads waiting to be spoon-fed every single detail from cake recipes to packaging to pricing to local laws would read this thread and take some initiative. A 15 year old managed to figure it out without plastering CC with 50-11 "HELP" threads. Congratulations on a successful summer OP.
Make a simple swiss or italian meringue and blow-torch it.
The RD on Bissonnet barely has anything for the average caker. They don't even have cake flour. I'm almost certain they don't have fondant. Might want to try the other location.
Trust your gut.
LOL! Hey I want to see it too. I hope I get a photo when all is said and done.
I try to stay positive about these things but I'm nervous for the client. It takes a pro to take one look at that cake and know it is an impossible quest. They would need a staff of cakers working full time for those 2 weeks on the cake only to do the original justice. The labor alone makes $1000 a pittance.Also $1000 sounds like a lot to spend on cake till you consider they want the replica of an $80, 000 cake (per some reports online).
I was recently approached to replicate Kate and Wills' 8 tier mammoth of a cake... for $1000. I never even bothered addressing the price because there was no way little CFL baker (with zero Lambeth experience) would be able to pull that off, much less with 2 weeks notice. I was informed that some caker has accepted the task at that price point. May the odds be ever in their favor. I await pictures.... The request got me thinking how many people, hours and $ do you think...
Yep it's definitely confusing. I also find myself looking to other sites to get what I want as they never ever seem to have the items posted on their website in stock. You would think in this day and age with all the technological advances they would have a better way of syncing their inventory with the website.
You're welcome. Olive Nation has natural strawberry extract if you want to try that.
Your first problem is a density issue. Fats generally have lower density that water (or in this case the liquid coffee) so in obedience to the laws of physics, a lower density mass placed on top of a higher density one will tend to float. Strawberries are solids, and while blending them makes them liquid, their density is greater than that of the cream and coffee. Mixing it with your cream makes the cream denser/heavier so it sinks. You could change the density of the top...
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