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I find it easier to search on google. I just type what I'm looking for and add cake central to the search criterion.
Thanks AZCouture. I'm going to try out foam core on my next practice cake.
For those who use bubble tea straws for 4 tiers and up, do you always stack on-site? Are there any extra precautions (like foam core instead of cake boards, 2 off-center dowel rods, a greater number of straws per tier) that you use? I've only stacked 2 tiers with bubble tea straws. I'd be terrified to do 3 or more but I've heard it can be done and be just as effective as SPS-type devices.
Thanks Costumeczar. @ OP: I was going to say something about reading comprehension and be truly mean but since you're a little on the "sensitive side" now, I'll hold my tongue (or, in this case, my fingers).
From joyofbaking.comThe combination method is when whipped egg whites are added to the creamed ingredients. This method gives additional volume and light texture to your cake. Some recipes that call for the creaming method can be changed to this method by simply separating the eggs, beating the whites separately with a little of the recipe's sugar, and then adding the whites to the finished batter.Read more:...
I like the ideas in this thread: keep the number of people to a minimum (2-3) and if the client wants more people to sample the cakes, arrange for them to purchase a sample box for them to take home to the 900 other people who want to taste the cakes. Sounds good.
Depending on the type of batter and leavening used, you can refrigerate or freeze batter till you are ready to bake. Google is your friend. Search for: refrigerate batter cake central. Loads of threads on the subject.
Exactly, so now I have to take time out to find a trash can to throw away a flyer I never asked for, and am completely uninterested in. Nuisance of the highest order. It's the same as the people who leave flyers on the door. More trash for me to deal with. Nuisance, nuisance, nuisance! It's disrespectful for someone to leave their property on mine when I did not ask for it. Don't touch my car, and don't touch my door, and don't leave trash for me to deal with. Did I say...
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