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Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation
eww! OP, fondant is supposed to be sweet. It's sugar paste. You could try rolling it really thin (1/16 to 1/8 inch) so only a thin layer sits on your buttercream.
Thank you for your response Jimbos76. Do you have a link to that thread? For clarification: the circles were on the cake, then the strips were attached to them? Did you have to support the ruffled edges from 'flopping' or leaning? As for the point where the strips were attached to the circle did you have to fold the edge a little to get some surface to stick them on the circle? Gosh, I hope my questions make sense.
Hi everyone. I need to get this ruffle effect on a cake tier. Does anyone have a tutorial or an explanation for how this is done? It looks to me like the fondant (?) strips are attached while the paste is still soft.I've attached a pic and a link to one on flickr. Thank you!
I didn't like the taste of coconut extract either. I feel like I get a stronger coconut flavor using cream of coconut than coconut milk. I use this brand of cream of coconut in my BC. It does not need to be refrigerated (but I refrigerate anyway):
$65 for that???! $65??!! 6 and 5?
Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
A bluff IF the caker has no intention of following through. I asked a lawyer about this recently and he said, "if the clients agree to it in the contract and knowingly sign the contract with this knowledge, they are legally bound by it." If they choose to flout it, and the caker enforces the terms (takes away the cake), there is no basis for a lawsuit. The bad publicity is the killer though.
If you do not expect to charge a different price for wedding cakes (some charge more for wedding cakes than party cakes) you could simply divide your usual price per cake (how you do it now) by the number of servings in the cake. The total amount is the same, just a different way of getting there.You could crunch the numbers for a number of your cakes based on their level of difficulty (your simplest cake to the most elaborate), calculate an average and range to see how...
Call or email Wilton customer service with the ID code on the package. They'll let you know the expiration date. I don't know why a company like Wilton would sell food products and not put the expiration date on, unless they were trying to be shady and sell things beyond a proper date because most folks wouldn't be bothered to go through the trouble of requesting expiration dates. SMH.
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