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All we need is love.Seriously though, some questions are just begging for a virtual slap upside the head. I just read one about someone contemplating a 6 tier cake and not even knowing what supports are required. Some will come in here and argue that the individual is a newbie, so he/she should be spoon-fed. NO. There are too many resources online and in books for folks to be walking around completely ignorant and waiting to be fed information. Now,...
I have to agree with the taste difference between the real thing and the one I got at the store. The store brand was good (Nestle) but the one that took me HOURS to make is like 999.96 times better-tasting.
This caramel sauce is shelf-stable despite the cream? I made dulce de leche from scratch (milk and sugar slow-cooked) it was a loooong process. Great result but having to watch the pan for about 2 hours...
Nice-looking packaging options:
Panel7124 you're a gem! Thank you!
I've looked at a number of Faye Cahill's gorgeous cakes and noticed quite a number of them have a pearlesque finish that looks brushed on wet rather than dry or air brushed. Could this be achieved by mixing pearl dust with vodka and brushing on with a wide brush while rotating the cake on a turntable or is there something I'm missing? It looks so even and not blotchy/streaky like painting with vodka sometimes turns out. Any tips to achieve this finish? Thanks!
OP your daughter is going to have to come up with her own list that provides the information she needs in order to serve her customers. It's like asking for a list of questions to ask on a date. Each person is going to have to come up with his or her own to get information he/she feels is important.
How lovely, it looks good! Thanks for sharing the photo.
How thoughtful of you crumbcake Wishing you the best OP.
Found it! Isn't it funny how we used almost similar words to describe the thread topic The photo you posted is almost exactly like my sketch-- even the colors. SMH, there's nothing new under the sun.
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