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Well leaving the cake in the car for 10 minutes on a 78 degree day after a 30 minute drive isn't the smartest of moves. That was probably the side that faced the car window. I wonder what folks think cakes are made of. Steel?
I'm not familiar with Dominican cake but for scratch cakes in general, they don't work the same. The juices are acidic and your recipe calls for baking powder, not soda, so there is no alkaline ingredient to neutralize the acid you are adding to a recipe that calls for a neutral liquid. Have you tried baking the same cake with milk to see if there's a difference? May be something else like the brand of flour causing the smell.
Liz I've heard good things about Guittard's white. I might have to consider that brand as well. I mentioned those 2 because they're the brands available at my restaurant supply store. I would have to order Guittard in 25lb packs if I order through Dawn Foods. That is a lot of chocolate.
Well hopefully there will be some responses. Hehehe. I've used both. While I like the almost smokey flavor of Ghirardelli, Callebaut seems like a more stable chocolate, less likely to be finicky so there's a good chance I'll be going back to Callebaut. Callebaut white chocolate is not good for ganache in my opinion and experience. I (and some others) had issues with it not setting firm. I took a chocolatier class not too long ago and the instructor didn't like it. We...
Why are you using orange juice instead of milk?
Which do you prefer for ganache?
Oh I see what you're saying. It almost looks like they carved those base tiers to surround the solid support they have holding up the top tiers. I can see how the flowers are to hide the 'seams' between each stacked cake at the base.
Okay so the base of the royal wedding cake is 12 single tiers. Trying to wrap my mind around the stacking at the base. What kind of supports? In what configuration?
It's not a frosting but a simple meringue that's been blow torched. Any large round tip should give you similar results.
Yep, those little expenses can add up fast. I too was so focused on the big stuff (mostly money related) but totally underestimated how much time it takes to do the work of owning a business. Staying on top of the paperwork is a big one too so I'm not overwhelmed come tax time. I would set aside more time than you think you would need to set up the business. For the first month or so I barely baked. I was on the phone mailing forms, calling, verifying, faxing the bank,...
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