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Hi everyone. I need to create a sparkly tier or two (winter theme) with a buttercream (SMBC) cake. The last time I made an SMBC cake, there was some condensation on the BC as the cake came to room temp.   My concern is: If I already have the sanding sugar on, will the condensation mess up/melt the sanding sugar?   How do you handle SMBC and sanding sugar? When do you apply it (and fondant decorations) considering that the cake would be refrigerated-- especially...
Yes, without the butter. I don't know what that is but it sounds GOOD! Thanks for the tip! Absolutely. I was thinking of just the meringue without the butter though.
Thank you Sugaredsaffron and Stitches. I guess I'll be expeiimenting soon to see which one I prefer.
I meant using cooked meringue like Swiss meringue after it has been cooked and whipped. I'm afraid it might deflate and turn into a gooey mess.
I agree; especially since the number of serving is dependent on how the cake is cut. These days I use the per serving charts and pricing to determine how much cake, and the price on my end for the sake of consistency but all the client gets in a final quote is: X cake will cost X amount.   Still need to figure out how to word that on my website though. For now I use "x cake starts at $X per serving." 
You're a business owner providing a service to a client. Keep it 100% business. There is absolutely no need to even bring up the MOG in any conversation. Talk to your clients, deliver what they are paying you for and keep it moving.
Has anyone tried this? I'm thinking of folding caramel sauce into plain meringue and using that as a filling. Not sure if it would hold up though.
^^ This. I have had more cupcake orders than tiered cake orders, and I can't find justification for turning them down to be honest.
I see the sense in limiting the flavors, especially for a home baker who does not have a shop where these flavors are made anyway. I mentioned this in a thread in the business section where we discussed economy of scale and maximizing one's output. Thank God for learning experiences. Now I know better.    Another advantage of a tiered cake is that it limits the number of flavors, forcing the client and me to select the best-liked flavors. I've never liked a spread...
Yeah I noticed that weird chemical smell. What a waste.
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