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Cute! Good job. I bet she loved it.
And I can imagine business is "booming" and they're booked solid. Never mind that they may not be making any profit.
Let me be the first to welcome you! You're gonna love Houston.
I agree and I applaud you for that. I guess that way of thinking was unprofessional but what you actually did was professional. Offering a refund in this case before the client asks for one would also be the professional thing to do. Too often I've seen folks give less than their best because "whatever is going to happen will happen anyway." The cake is already messed up, why even try? Putting in that extra effort is what sets professional behavior apart from the...
See I was commiserating with you until you said this. How unprofessional.
Refrigerate please.
Yeah I have an idea. Start experimenting and practicing till you figure it out. I promise you by the time you're done you would have spent way more than $30. You might have gotten better responses if you'd just left the snark out of it.
I read somewhere that creme bouquet is a flavor enhancer rather than a full flavoring by itself. You would notice that most who rave about it used it along with some other flavor-- mostly vanilla. Since it also has almond and lemon notes, it goes well with those flavors. Try adding some vanilla extract to the bc. You'll notice the difference as the CB should give the vanilla flavor an interesting edge.
Wow! These cakes are amazing! Here's one of my faves because it emphasizes my minimalist style preference and clean lines.
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