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Real cake so they can have something to serve guests who come to commiserate. Have the signers wash their hands and wear disposable gloves before they write.
You could make a feedback section for your stands so folks can read the testimonials.
You're welcome. I wish you the very best of luck and good fortune. I believe if you do this right, you can and will succeed (even if I'm giving you a hard time in the process). Hey, better the CC family vets you than the general public... and you know we don't play.
No need to get defensive. As long as you are aware of these things and can properly communicate the pertinent information to your potential customers....Unless I read your mind I wouldn't know your qualifications or that of the guy building the stands. All that came out after my post. These are things that should be topmost in your communications to potential clients : Who are you and why should I buy your stand? Since you have zero in terms of actual proof that your...
All this talk of vendors and renting is all cute but can we back up just a wee little bit and put the cart right back behind the horse? BatterUp, I've got questions for you. I haven't really been paying much attention so you may have started this cake stand thing more 2-3 months ago but from my recollection you just started making cake stands. No? I took the liberty of checking out your site, and I see your prices are pretty comparable to Sarah's Stands (which has a...
Please don't ask because if the answer is yes you might resent getting the shaft.
LOL. You made such a great point I just had to holler.
You could also dissolve instant coffee granules in a small amount of hot water to make a concentrated syrup that can be added to your regular buttercream (when it cools down of course) to make the filling. You can use any bc/ganache configuration you're most comfortable with.
If some of the top bakers in the country, and popular highly rated recipes by regular mortals failed to impress you AND you have many restrictions concerning ingredients, I don't know what you hope to find here. Why not go for those European recipes you love so much? Of course you could always create your own 100% customized-to-your-insatiable-standards recipes. When you do, please be merciful and share. Don't know about others but I'm always open to being 'wowed.' Oh...
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