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I've read that the Sweetex available in CA is the zero trans-fat version (CA bakers verify please) which may not have the same heat 'stable' characteristics as the regular Sweetex.
You could replace 1/2 of the butter with HR. I've seen that done a lot.
I'm sure there is one out there. I totally agree about it being exercise cos I know when I watched a 'How to twerk' video on YouTube and tried to follow along my legs got tired from all the squatting. LOL!
For baking it's mostly silence cos having the mixer on kinda gets in the way. But for decorating? Awww yeah! Gotta have my African/Caribbean gospel music on. 'Wine-ing' the waist and twerking all day long. Glory! BUahahahahahaha!!! Just kidding... about the twerking. hehehe.
Room temperature as far as most baking/pastry applications go is between 68-72 degrees (+/- 2 degrees per some texts I've seen). If your butter is too soft aka somewhat melted, you will end up with a soupy mess. At the above temps butter is soft but still plastic in nature meaning it holds its shape and can be bent without it breaking. If you poked it with a finger it would give and leave an indentation. Think of it this way, butter in solid state has a crystalline...
From what I read in the email and a look at their site, they are going to repackage the same thing and slap on an extra $20 or so to the wholesale price. Me thinks it's time to start shopping for alternatives. Any good or comparable brands out there?
When I use dummy cakes I cover the entire thing. Usually I make dummies both for pictures and display purposes so that when I do have a show coming up, I already have display-worthy cakes-- rather than having to complete a whole lot of them for a show. As my skills improve I rip up those that are no longer the style of cakes I want to create to make designs more in line with my present skill set.
Amen! Often I see threads with stuff like "business is booming, I'm always booked." Then I find they're making zero profit when the math is done or even paying to sell their cakes. Not worth it.
Yep. I can't remember whose signature it is but it says something like "a cheap baker will always be busy." I know it can be hard to just raise your prices but you can do it in increments. One thing that I've found helps my sanity is to turn down last minute orders. They're never worth the hassle in my experience.
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