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So how did it go OP?
Suuure, just be prepared to throw away every single TTC (time/temperature control) food you have in said freezer.
If you're using the skinny wooden dowels (I prefer bubble tea straws by the way)I would use 8 dowels at least in the 12 inch tier. I tend to use 2 less than the size of the tier above (so 6 in the 10 inch tier). I've also seen people use the same number as the tier above (i.e. 10 in the 12 inch). If you decide to do this please be careful and remember that the structural integrity of your cake has been compromised from all the handling and doweling you've previously done....
What size are your tiers?
So you're not going to do anything about it? If so I guess we'll just have to see what happens after several hours of further leaning, and transportation/set up. Oh, and 4 dowels in the lower tiers, especially the base tier, is hardly enough... unless your base tier is a 6-inch round of course.
Disassemble. Your dowels may be uneven in height causing an uneven distribution of the weight. If its possible to use a fondant smoother to straighten the sides that are bulging without pulling apart each tier, good for you. Are you measuring the dowels using the height of the cake at each insertion point? If so, you shouldn't.
Thanks Jason.
Last I heard, charging the customer the fees was illegal but there were some changes in the works.
I've got my eye on the kitchenaid electric range, double oven with true convection in the bottom oven.
SRF is all purpose flour with baking powder and salt added. The problem with this is you can't control the amount of baking powder in your recipe. So most folks prefer to get APF and add the varying amounts of leavening called for in different recipes.
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