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Hello, I have to make around 100 blossom flower for a wedding cake and I was wondering what people use rather than the flower forming cup. I kept my egg cartons, but i was wondering if someone would have another tip on what to use.Thank you,lanicky
I need to make 12 cake pops, wondering if they can be done and frozen before the event. And what would a person charge to make cake pop?
I need to make tea cookies that you can sit them on the side of the tea cup. I don;t have a cutter that will make the shape does anyone have any ideas or recipe for these cookies.Also, I was wondering what someone would charge for these. I need to make 12 of these with fondant on top. Thank for the help. This woudl be first time making these!!
I'm using the wilton;1/2 vegetable1/2 butterWater, Vanilla and four cups of icing sugar
I got a new kitchen aid mixer for xmas, and since I've been using it, my buttercream icing seems dry and when I put it on a cake it get's dry and cracks begin to form.Anybody have any suggestions?
Thank you very much for your help!!
Hello, How do I put a train track around a two tier cake going on the side?I want the track to start at the top tier and go on the side of the bottom tier?
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