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I'm thinking that may be the issue too.
I prefer the texture of the cake flour... it gives me a softer and more moist cupcake... no other reason :) I'm going to redo the recipe with the all purpose later on...
Tried my first completely scratch carrot cupcake recipe today. While they taste EXCELLENT, they turned out a little puny It called for all purpose flour but I subbed cake flour. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour and I subbed 1 1/2 cups & 3 Tbs of cake flour. I have a feeling this had something to do with the sinking. I'm thinking my measurements for the substitution was off... Anyone had this issue before?
I don't believe $2.50 is too much. Not only do you need to charge for cost of ingredients but also you are charging for your time and supplies (liners, boxes to carry them in etc..). If she wants to buy $1.00 cupcakes from Costco then so be it. She'll get what she pays for.
I'm looking for some good scratch recipes for cupcakes/cakes. Mainly white, yellow and chocolate (the basic flavors).. I've found a few online but I'm wanting to try out a few different ones and thought this would be the perfect place to ask around! :) Red Velvet and Strawberry would also be nice!
Hi there! I'm new to this thread and had a quick question. Hopefully someone can help me out. Any suggestions on oven temp and time when baking a 12" square cake (2 in deep) without using a heating core? I don't have any metal flower nails available to use as heating cores :(
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