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Definitely a center anchor point of some sort, with hidden "shelves" that the tiers are sitting on. So there's no fear of anything ripping off, remember it's just an illusion of instability and that they could come topping down at any time.
Pish tosh! I would take a bc only cake any day over mooooooore fondant. Pfffffft!
Just about every cake I make is fondant over smbc, and I live in a very hot place from about May thru November. But the humidity is relatively low, so it's more or less a dry heat. We all have air conditioning here, everywhere, home, business, venues, vehicles, so the heat never plays too much into the cake, it's not really an issue for me while I'm working on the cake or transporting it, and it's in a cool room where it's delivered to. Not sure how helpful that's going to...
It's actually become a tradition with me, to offer simple elegant little cakes for Christmas, Halloween and Valentines Day. I usually design something new each year, and only offer a few, at a special price. Usually I have a $150 minimum for any order, but those three times a year, I offer those. Either a single tier, or a two tier, serving about 10 to 15, and it's usually either about $65 or $100. It's been popular, so I keep it up when I can. Here's an example of the...
Congratulations!! Hope it brings lot of orders!
Indeed. ;) Get your closest friends together, make a private group for yourselves and that's it, and share amongst yourselves. All the other groups, just sit back and watch the fun and have a laugh, but don't for ever for one second think your private rants are kept private. NOTHING is private, NOTHING is ever kept a secret, and NOTHING ever gets deleted for good. I love my small of group of cake friends that have been together for years now. Now there's a group I would...
  Silly, huh? They just want to be acknowledged, that's pretty much all.
Hey, awesome! Definitely interested to see how this turns out.
Well said.
I made butter in a big ass Hobart once. Pounds and pounds of it, at a homeless shelter I volunteered at. Heavy cream was donated by the case one day, and well...not much to do with it, so I got to play.
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