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Are you asking if you need to support that hat thingy on top of the cake? How big is the cake, how heavy is the hat thingy?
How much 4 dis?  Too much. 
I am amazed that some businesses out there solely rely on their Facebook pages for business. I mean, totally different target market, I get it, but just the keeping everything straight, from wall messages and comments, to keeping up with the message string. What about when people close their accounts temporarily, or delete it all together, or any other number of things brides can do when it gets close to the wedding out of stress and who knows what else. Or any customer....
Really? Patterns from…paper towels? On purpose? Interesting. No, I don't dress up kitchen cakes (don't make sheet cakes, but I'll make kitchen cakes, which are filled and tall like the wedding cake, sans decorations). Ill put a neatly done rustic icing effect on it, and that's it.
I'm about as afraid of that as I am of a shark biting me in the cereal aisle at the grocery store ;) Ditto to kakeladi, they're perfectly sturdy, in the hands of a capable decorator that cuts them absolutely flush to each other and arranges them correctly. I would strongly suggest you get a system like SPS for the next few times you do a tiered cake, and get some confidence built up. Then you can step outside of that and explore other means of support if you wish. I don't...
Right, everything needs to insinuate high end. How you word your website, how you communicate with customers (very polite, formal, no text speak, grammar and spell check)...people need to understand from the get go that you're offering higher service.
I only use bubble straws, sometimes regular drinking straws.
It's just odd, maybe it's just me though. It seems like it's making a really gourmet treat inside, then slapping on something mediocre on the outside. Like, if you're going to have lobster for dinner, might as well splurge on that thirty dollar bottle of wine too, or what's the point? Maybe not the best example, but I'm persnickety about cake, so it could just be me and my cake snob tendencies. I don't use puddings ever either. I just think if you're bothering to make...
Because yeah, you're going to miss out on everything. Everything fun is on Friday nights and Saturday mornings/early afternoons, when we're working. :(  So…when I'm missing something, at least I'm getting compensated handsomely for it. But I definitely schedule weekends off, because I don't want to miss allllll of the fun stuff with my family.
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