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Lol...I aim to please! I usually miss, but my aim is improving!
I t think we all sort of lost focus for a moment... I think the question we should be asking is if the tree chomper dove into the trash can to retrieve the ones in there so she would have a midnight snack later that night!!
Welcome to CC Leeajohns!
I found a blog where a woman was making "inside out" caramel apples. They look amazing and I am going to makethem this weekend. In any case, her recipe for the caramel is as follows; Lemon juice from one lemon (applicable if making the inside out caramel apples) 5 apples. (if needed for caramel apples Below is the caramel recipe 1/2 cup of water 1 envelope of caramel hot chocolate mix 1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk (coconut milk can be used as a non dairy...
I just saw this on the front page this morning and fell in love with it. No offencce to the original baker, biut I like yours better because of the shapse you went with.
I will check it out!
Please please cancel that cake!! I feel strongly about it because we had a large banquet planned for my grandmothers 100th, after church that morning. We had split up responsibilities between me and my sisters, the cake was me. She passed 7 days before. Don't let this woman buly into robbing you of any time you may have to enjoy your grandmother ( also meaning the days before the party). I wish your grandmother an incredibly happy birthday!!
Hi Valarie, I recently made a TMNT cake with a pizza base. I just rolled out fondant (I used white) on the cake board, about 2" larger than the board. I folded the edges iinward to make the crust edge all the way around. I used different paints to make the "baked" color. I used fondant for the toppings. Pepparoni were just disks (cut from like a hot dog shape) and pressed & stretched them thin. Cut black mshrooms using a tip, and used the smaller circleto cut the center...
I was wondering the same thing BeesKneese!
Did the origional notice even tell you what you would need to do to rectify things ( had it actually been you)? I would have expected them to advise you how to fix things. Somebody above said Comcast would have to do their due diligence before assessing any fines, for sure! I just wonder if they gave you any "suggestions". They simply told my husband to delete it, which he happily did...he knew he was in the wrong, so it's not like he was going to fight them about...
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