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I appreciate all of your responses .........sounds like Kitchen Aid has worked out all the "kinks" in their 6 qt. mixer except for the noise that it makes.....which is no big deal.  Thanks again.
I remember when the 6 qt mixer came out, there seemed to be a lot of problems with it back then.  Have any of you purchased a new 6 qt. mixer lately?  Has anyone had any problems with it?  For those of you who have purchased this mixer within the last year or so....what has been your experience with it?  Are you happy with its performance?  Thank you.
Thank you all for your input.  I have found what I wanted and appreciate all of your help.
I am looking for a "Chevron" cutter or mold.   I was hoping to find one made out of metal as I thought one made out of metal would be easier to use than a silicone mold.  Do any of you have any experience using a "Chevron" mold?   I have seen the silicone molds on Global Sugar Art's website.  Have any of you used these molds?  What has been your experience?  Thank you for your help.
Your name says it all......... "Kelly's Kakes"
Hello everyone.....just within the past few weeks, I saw a bridal shower cake with a bride's high heel shoe on top.  The shoe was white.  I thought I saved it into my favorites, but now realize I did not.  Do any of you remember this photo?  Please help me find it.  Thank you.
I recently had a request to do this cake which was done with cupcakes putting a rosette on the top of each cupcake.
I want to decorate a cake with the silhouette of children holding hands that would go around the side of the cake.  I want to be able to use the cookie cutter to cut the shape of the boy and girl using fondant.  I have looked all over on line for a cookie cutters in the shape of a boy and girl, but I cannot find any.  Do any of you know where I can find these cookie cutters?  Thanks so much for your help.
What am I doing wrong.  I have done this a million times before.  I am looking for ideas for a birthday cake for a one year old little girl decorated in pinks.  I have put in all the search words and I do not get any photos to look at using the  "words, birthday cake, girl, one year old, pink".  All I get is a bunch of articles that don't even pertain to the subject words in the search line.  Help! Please.
I need to make some life size fruit and vegetables for a basket cake I am making. What would you make your fruit & vegetables out of? I know many of you use a rice krispie treat base covered in fondant. Do you put the fondant on extra thick so the bumps and lumps of the rice krispie treats do not show through? I do believe I read once that someone crushed the rice krispies and then added the marshmallow mixture so the finished rice krispies were smoother. Any...
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