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I like you K8memphis!  You have given me a few things to think about!
Thanks for your thoughts!   There was no cake to return ... they served it to the guests.  Which is sort of what is weighing on me .... if it was "inedible" then why did they even plate it?  Why didn't they call me and tell me that they could not serve it? 
Some opinions please ....   I delivered a 3 tier wedding cake and a sheetcake for extra servings on a Saturday night.   On Wednesday I got a call from the mother of the bride telling me that the cake was inedible!  (My first ever complaint about taste in the many years I have been in business!)  She told me that the cake was so hard that the bride could not cut into it and then that the sheetcake was an odd texture, something the caterers had never seen before.   I...
I don't usually like the look of a cake with that much difference between the tiers.  I would go with a 6 inch on top of the 9 inch with a thinner 12 inch tier on the bottom.  Or if you want a 6 and 12 inch then put a dummy 9 inch tier in between them or a thinner 9 inch tier.  I think you will like the look better.
I have done a few of these and I make the top look like a dress dummy.   I use a barbie doll to make a torso mold using silicon putty.  Then I fill the mold with gumpaste, remove it when it is formed, insert a lolly stick and allow the torso to dry.  When it is done I insert it into the dress and make a bodice to attach the dress form to the skirt.
I use Edible Printing.  Not only can you do it all online and have it shipped quickly, I find their images to be much easier to apply than other places I have used.  I am a big fan!   You can access them at
Mike McCarey made a similar cake and while I can't find the info, I know that I saw somewhere how he did it.   If I remember correctly, the bulky part of the "mountain" is cake.  There is a thin copper tube mounted inside to the board that comes out of the mountain and creates the swirl.   He might have actually used even thinner wire attached to the tube as the swirl got thinner.  Then he covered the tube/wire in modeling chocolate to get the swirl and then covered the...
If I had to give my top things I could not live without for assembling and decorating....   revolving cake stand serrated bread knife (to level cakes) #18 tip and piping bag (for piping in filling) sewing gauge (to mark a level line around the cake to trim it level) small offset spatula fondant smoother xacto knife and lots of extra blades paintbrushes in various sizes a simple set of gumpaste tools a modeling pad (for making gumpaste flowers) small fondant...
I have been contacted by an individual who recently had my cake at a wedding and desperately wants a small cake and cupcakes from me for her birthday.  I happen to be 2 hours away from her and it is just cost prohibitive for me to create what she needs and get it to her.   If you are near Lebanon PA and make a killer red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, please let me know so I can take a look at your work and pass your info on the this client.   Thanks!
I like an airbrush much better when stenciling.  I find there is less bleeding.  Also, I apply a thin layer of shortening to the bottom side of my stencil so it adheres snugly to the cake.  That helps.
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