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Just wanted to update this thread...I switched to Luck's brand of frosting sheets and my printer has been printing on them flawlessly!  I haven't changed anything except brands of edible frosting sheets.  I think the Icing Images sheets were just way too thick.  Although now that I think about it, all of the problems occurred AFTER I switched my printer's settings to paper abrasion and all of the other ones outlined in the instructions page that came with my last set of...
Thanks, Delicious...I'll try that.  I didn't think to dip into my box of Americolor electric colors.  Doh
A client brought me a printout of a cake whose color I am to match.  I have played around with virtually every shade of pink, adding some red, some blue, some fuchsia, some purple...and even tons of Wilton Rose (plus CK's and Americolors' shades of pinks) but I cannot get the brilliant hot pinkish/purplish color of bougainvillea flowers.   Anybody have any tips?    Here is the link to the photo:   Thanks!
So what ended up happening?  Did you cut your losses or did the bride actually pay her balance?
Reason number 523984 to require payment IN FULL BEFORE THE EVENT!   Good luck getting your money from her.  I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.  :(
Someone kindly share with me!  I'd love to see Masterpiece and Masterpiece v2.0!  
Oh yes, I remember that!  Okay, so a tank full of rose bubbles, clownfish (of course) and mushrooms that fluoresce under actinics.  That's still low-maintenance, right?  What else can we put in our low-maintenance tanks?    Oh, I know..xenia...the white pulsing xenia.  Oh how I loved that xenia tank out at Keith's place (what was the name of that place? Aquatic Designs?).  It was hypnotic watching the xenia pulse and sway in that soft coral tank.  sigh*  Maybe I need a...
Marie,   Wow, that gorgonian is impressive!  And that clam!!  Wow, your tank was so beautiful. Seeing your pics sure brings back wonderful memories. I miss the glow of actinic lighting.  Here are my beloved sun corals.     Hmmm, I do still have two 180 gallon tanks in the garage...LOL
I understand how you feel!  Are you up on the north side of town?   When someone will occasionally tell me they are going with another bakery (probably a home baker) that quoted them a lower price, I tell them that I understand and that I hope they'll come see me for the next occasion.  More often than not, the cheaply priced cakes they get are NOT what they had been promised, and inevitably, a decent number of people come back, order their next cake, and tell me how...
  "Ombre" refers to shades of colors graduating from light to dark.   What the OP is referring to is commonly called the "petal effect."     Hang in there, OP!  I use a medium-soft consistency of ABC and a small offset spatula.  I crumb-coat my cake first.  You can do it! :)
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