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The first three sentences alone should tip off the well-versed of this community that this is a troll post.  GMAB.
I love love love the border on this cake!  Do you think it's handmade or a mold?  The cake was originally found on a Canadian wedding cake magazine site (I think).  
You answered a post that is 6 and a half years old. 
Yes, the BakeMark brand crusts.  (Unsolicited advice: meringue powder is just a waste of money in shortening-based buttercream.) :) 
 OH SNAP!!,default,pd.html?cgid=products-craftpainting-stencilsandaccessories Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Wow, thank you Carrie and Goreti!  Hopefully the creator of the cake will share the source of the stencil! :D  And thank you everyone else for the suggestions.  :)   MBalaska ~ the only thing I can guess is that the plastic used in culinary stencils is certified as food grade.  I wonder what the danger is in laying a regular ole' piece of clean stiff plastic up against a cake for about 30 seconds while you use it to stencil on a design.  For a cake that I was going to...
I didn't ask you for a legal interpretation.  I asked you who is making the claim that gumpaste and isomalt are not food items.
A client has given me this picture and of course, Designer Stencils doesn't make this particular stencil.  The picture came from a website called "Cake Chooser" under the search term "Sweet 16 Masquerade Ball cake" but it seems to randomly appear and disappear from their site.  There is no watermark and I have searched Google images for another shot of this cake, but I only kept coming up with the Cake Chooser picture.   Also, what is the pattern in the stencil called?...
 The Galveston County HD hand-delivered the letter calling for the immediate cessation of the use of Disco Dust on food to all bakeries in our area (I posted the letter).  I don't think they have any way of tracking home bakers.   I had no idea about HB 2113!  That's pretty interesting.  I wonder who authored it and who sponsored it. Gumpaste and isomalt are both approved food items, though.  The FDA has declared isomalt as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).  I'm curious ~...
DeliciousDesserts, do you mind sharing what brand/model of fridge you have?  I'm looking to add another to the shop and would love to know which one you have such great success with.  Thanks!
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