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Sur la Table is out of stock.
Shoot, since Pinterest is everyone's go-to for inspiration and ideas for everything under the sun, it's rare when a client walks into my bakery without a photo of a cake they want copied.
I've had a camelcamelcamel price alert on them on Amazon for months.  They were $5 forever but then jumped to $12 for the past few months.  I'll check Sur la Table.
I know exactly what you are talking about and it's so gross.  Only white WASC does this.
Hi all,   Old thread, I know...but I'm considering switching from old-school wooden dowels (which I love because I know they're fail-safe) to the 1/4" poly dowels, and in searching for reviews, came upon this thread.   Are these sturdier than drinking straws?
This question was asked in 2009.   LOL
I use Sterilite boxes, available cheaply from Wal-Mart.  There are no plastic inserts, but we use these to freeze both iced and naked cupcakes in our bakery as well as deliver hundreds of cupcakes to large events.   You can buy these in the stores or just order them with free ship-to-store.
Hi there ~ Anyone know where to get the best wholesale price on the Fat Daddio's hemisphere pans?  I just randomly ran across them on Amazon and have only found them at retail price.  CK doesn't carry them at all...which is too bad, because their pan prices are the best I've found anywhere.   Thanks!
I'm with Howsweet...I just did a petal cake last week and a wee bit of tylose glue will make those petals stick to your fondant-covered cake like superglue.  I didn't lose a single petal.  For me, keeping white chocolate at a perfect piping temp (without it cooling and hardening at the tip of the piping bag repeatedly) throughout all of the time it will take you to make those petals would be a PITA.  That's just my opinion, though.   I would cut and ruffle about 15...
Then perhaps you should rename yourself Hobbyprob. 
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