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Yes, if it's sat overnight and is still not black, add more color.  :)
I just use Americolor Super Black and get a true black with no problem.  You've got to let the color develop for a little while.  It will develop from a deep charcoal to black if you've used enough color.  If you try to get jet black immediately, you'll use way too much color.
 That is awesome.  I understand it is quite an expensive venture to get the FDA to declare something food safe.  Now if only Wilton sold these wires wholesale and per gauge!Oh no, not at all...I was just aware that they claim the floral tape they sell is food safe, and I was going to call them and ask them for their source of this food safe floral tape.  I'm skeptical but I hope they can actually show me that the manufacturer of the floral tape they resell has it labeled...
Can you show me where on the Wilton site that is claims their floral tape is food safe?  I went here:  and it mentions nothing about it. I was afraid you were going to show me TBK's claim that they sell food-safe floral tape.  I'll be getting back to you on that.
 If you are doing an arrangement, it must be wired.  If you are doing a few single roses or calla lillies, a toothpick or cocktail stick (which is a little longer but still as slender as a toothpick) is perfectly fine. Floral tape is just as bad as exposed wire. If it is not a food-grade or medical-grade object, it does NOT go directly into cake.   Please share your source.  I have never heard of food-grade floral tape, but if it truly exists, I will become its biggest...
Parchment in the bottom and Vegelene spray or Dawn's brand of pan release spray.  I hate Pam!  It makes stuff uber-gummy.
 No, actually, it doesn't.  The cake needs to be protected from wires that are not food-grade or medical-grade.  Chocolate is brittle and could break off quite easily.    OP, be professional and use straws. I like the tiny little coffee stir-straws.  If you are making flowers that have centers (roses, calla lilies, peonies, etc), you can use toothpicks or cocktail sticks.
I wish I could find a white scratch cake recipe that is exceptional.  
Webstaurant's shipping is exceptionally high, even when I place large bulk orders for my bakery.
As a former homeschooling, full-time SAHM mom who is now a new (and sad) empty nester (our kids are 19, 21, and 22 years old), I commend you for putting your children first!  Trust me, the time will come when you have plenty of time to dedicate yourself full-time to your business.  The time spent with your kids is priceless and irreplaceable.     Blessings to you all!
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