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Thank you for the information!  Did you happen to buy any? The reason I ask is that the item number on the Sam's website (28917) does not show up in your Sam's Club's computer, and the customer service person says they do not carry 25 pound sacks of this powdered sugar, only the 7 pound bags (which every Sam's carries).   If you happen to have a 25 pound bag of this powdered sugar, I would love for you to give me the barcode found on the sack. Thank you!
Yup, I've been buying their 7 pound bags for nearly 20 years.   I was wondering if any other CC users have seen the 25 pound sacks at their local Sam's.   25# sacks of Bakers & Chefs brand 10x powdered sugar.  This is new to their website, which says is only available at local Sam's Clubs.  Of course, none even remotely near me carry it.   I am willing to pay more for this brand of PS because no sifting is required, whereas the 10x Domino's PS I buy from Restaurant Depot always required sifting, which is a big PITA when one has to...
   As well as adding a French Vanilla cake mix.  Cake mixes do weird things.
His original recipe produces WAY less batter than is needed for a 9" cake.  I double the recipe for an 8" round cake and bake in two 2" deep cake pans.  For 9" round cakes, I make a 2.5x batch.
Because your filling/icing was too thin and used without a dam, and/or because you used way too much.
I make Cake Man Raven's RV recipe frequently.  Adding a cake mix to it was a baaaaaaaaad idea.   I am not a fan of RV in general but I do like his recipe, and my clients love it.  It is far superior to any doctored RV recipes that I've ever tried.  The only alteration I make is to double the cocoa powder.  It still produces a very bright red cake.
I take issue with those who say that it's up to each decorator to decide.   No, actually, it is NOT.   There is a "bakery" in my area that is owned by a woman who told her employees that the FDA gave her special approval to use Disco Dust.  One of those employees went to the health department and the HD went directly to the FDA.  The FDA of course said that it is not an edible product, and last year, the health inspectors hand-delivered cease and desist letters to all...
I hear ya.  I love Dawn. They also by far also has the best prices on boxes if you ever need to buy them in bulk.  They beat Restaurant Depot's prices consistently, sometimes by $6 per 100 pack. Maybe I'll run into you at Dawn one day. :)
   The price has to be determined with shipping included.  Webstaurant never has free shipping, so you do not actually pay $24.99 for those boxes.  The price nearly doubles with shipping included. Webstaurant's 10 x 10 x 4" white bakery boxes are indeed $24.99/100 but shipping to my business (just south of Houston) is $20.19, making the boxes 4.52 cents each. Restockit sells the same thing for $44.95 with free shipping, making the boxes 4.5 cents each. If you don't mind...
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