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LOL, I answered your PM as you were typing your post.  :)
Awww, I thought I heard my name!  *waves* Hi, Icer101!  Long time, no see.  :)
I ordered 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 gauge.  I spoke with the owner before ordering for the first time to confirm that they sizes they go by correspond to the gauge of the wire.  So, part # 40.40.880.00018 is a 14" long 18 gauge wire.  Part # 40.40.880.00020 is a 20 gauge wire.  And so on and so forth. :)
I'm afraid there are no studies that have been conducted on the subject of using non-food-grade wire in cake (that I have ever found, anyway).   However, one can draw some reasonable conclusions. First, stainless steel is graded according to how pure it is.  That's why there is medical-grade stainless steel (designed to be used in the human body for indefinite periods of time without doing harm) and there are low grades of stainless steel, such as that used in...
For those of you who have a 30" Somerset sheeter, how much work space does it require?  I have a 10' x 5' work table but don't really want to give up any of that space permanently for a huge appliance, so I'm wondering if it's feasible to keep it on a rolling cart/table and move it to the work bench when I need it.   Thanks!
  Pretty much.   I can't take credit for it being my original idea, but am glad you were able to get those pesky things to work better.  :)
Probably the same way we use it in our wonderfully hot Gulf Coast air conditioning.  ;)
Thank you, Lisa...that's very helpful!  I will watch your class soon and certainly before ordering a new airbrush.  I used a Grex at a cake show a few years ago but forgot all about that brand!
So nearly every day, it seems, someone refers back to a cake I previously made for them or a cake they had at so-and-so's party/wedding/event...and stupid me, I now have years worth of order forms piled up there, roughly organized by month.  I am tired of wasting my time shuffling through tons of paper order forms looking for whatever details I need and it's time to bite the bullet and enter everything into a database of some sort.   This isn't my thang, though.  I am...
I've always used the Candy Melts in the metal pan.  Refrigerate until it is needed or an hour minimum, as 20 minutes for Wilton Candy Melts is not enough time...and it will just pop right out, easy peasy lemon squeezy.   Chocolate only gets pissed off if water gets in it while melted.  Condensation does nothing to hardened chocolate except evaporate off with no issues.
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