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Tails- Yes I added 3 tbs water in with the mm before I put them in the microwave. I don't know why it came out so dry...maybe I used a little to much p/s lol. I wasn't able to get thin like I wanted to when I rolled it out. I am just practicing cakes, so nobody cares about thick fondant around here, just peel it And yes it is a mess, but I don't mind cleaning it up if it comes out right and not in the trash can. karen
So I have posted about MMF and how I was starting to hate it. Tonight I did something different. Instead of adding some of the sugar to the bowl of melted marshmallows, I sifted the sugar on my greased counter top and poured the MM on top of it. After that I just kinda of pushed the sugar into the MMs, folding it in I guess and it was the easiest way for me to mix it. My hands didn't nearly get as sticky and messy. I think I may scale back on my sugar because I only used...
Thanks so much for your help, I will be trying it again for sure. I don't have a stand mixer yet, so I have to use my good ol' hands. I guess that is why my fondant is so stretchy, not enough p/s. Thanks again,Your help has been a blessing.
well the first one did, but it was too much, now I just use it to grease my hands and the counter top.
16 oz mm, 3 Tbs water, up to 2 lbs of sugar. It goes together well, but it's been acting like putty, if I lift it , it just falls and stretches. And when I roll it on the counter no matter what I use it seems to stick! Its driving me up the wall lol.
Cakeyouverymuch,THANKS for the crisco tip! I just rolled my gum paste out, added color and a little crisco and wow! what a difference! It's not drying out as fast and it looks great!!! NOW...why can't my MMF be just as easy??? LOLKaren
thanks so much for your help! Is it to early to make gum paste decorations 2 weeks ahead of time? Or should I wait until a week before? I have 2 cakes I want to make. Thanks!!
I found a gum paste recipe on the internet to make by hand because I do not have a stand mixer. (very easy) It calls for p/s, gum-tex,glucose, and water. I substituted the gum-tex with tylose and glucose with corn syrup. I can't find glucose anywhere. Anyway my question is, when you roll out gumpaste does it get hard quick around the edges? I am making a gift box cake and I really like this gum paste, and since this is my first time using a scratch recipe I would like to...
Oh by the way, I have tylose powder on hand.
Hello,I would like to know if someone has a recipe for gum paste? The only problem is I do not have a stand mixer, so I am searching for one I can do by hand until I can get a mixer. I want one SO BAD, but I can't afford an extra 200 bucks right now. Thanks!Karen
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