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Thanks sooo much! I love to get into the details! The more challenging the better I like it. lol!
a ball park figure will be fine, just an idea. Thanks
Hello,I am new to making cakes, but I am really loving it. I made my second purse cake for a family member and would like to know how much should I ask for something like this if someone wanted one? Thanks for your help. The size of the purse is actually a 9x13 cut in half and carved. [/img]
I actually tried my steamer on my lol
I am making a baby shower cake and I have made some baby keys on a ring. I want to make the keys look like plastic, or shiny I guess. I have seen on the cake shows they use steam, how do I do this? or I guess what is the best way? Also will they be sticky after this or able to handle?thanks!
Thank you for replying, I was starting to get
I have a cake that I crumb coated yesterday and it's been in the fridge since yesterday. I need to know, well I have to deliver it Friday, can I put the MMF on tonight and put it back in the refridgerator???? Or will the MMF get to hard sitting in there? I know it gets just a little firm if you leave it out, but I don't want the buttercream to melt and cause a problem if I put the fondant on and leave it out. The cake is about 5 and 1/2 inches tall with no support...
Yeah I have used gumpaste too. I love gumpaste but it dries so quickly. I think I may try mixing it 50/50 with the mmf and see how that goes.
Will MMF always stay soft you use it for decorations and not add tylose powder? Or will it firm up just a bit on it's own. Karen
I really would like to use my made from scratch recipes but for right now I use the box mix and add one envelope of pudding and an extra egg for sturdiness. Anyway, why is the chocolate cake mix come out not as dense as the butter yellow box mix? I can get a good carvable from the yellow cake, but the chocolate is always to soft and moist. Anyone doctor up chocolate box mix? If so what do you use? Or if you have a really good chocolate scratch recipe I would appreciate it....
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