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No I sure haven't. Do you mix it in with the box mix? If you don't mind me asking what does WASC mean? lol sorry new to cakes.
I live in Va and know that they have a cottage law and was wondering if anyone else lived here and have a cake business? I did read somewhere about if you want to go commercial you have to upgrade to commercial appliances, what is the difference? Also I know that I would have to kick my dogs out, which I hate to do but it's my career or the dog staying I do have a double sink and a bathroom connected to the kitchen. I have a wall oven, which I love! no bending. I...
I have a recipe that adds volume to box cake, which I really love in the butter vanilla DH cake mix. It even stands up to carving. Now the chocolate DH cake comes out to soft and crumbles to easy and it way harder to carve. I really don't know the difference. Can somone please share a doctored DH chocolate recipe? I have just tried adding just a box of chocolate pudding and an extra egg, but still to soft. Oh and I have never ate the DH white cake, what does it taste like?...
HelloCan someone please tell me the best way to get MMF to stick to a buttercreamed cake. I don't mean a whole layer to cover the cake, just pieces. I tried to make a book cake and trying to stick the white fondant around the book for pages was a pain in the neck! It keep peeling off at the top. The cake was in the fridge all night and by the time I started working with the fondant the icing was becoming soft. Also, how much icing do I need to put under fondant? I have...
Thanks alot for your help. Ya know I have seen ALOT of brand name things on this website. Wonder if everyone has permission.
oh wow..ok thanks for telling me that I had no idea. Well this cake I gave away to a family that should be ok I guess.
Thank you for the link. I was thinking 125? Would that be to cheap or to much?
Thanks!And a serving size would be a 1x2? or 2x2? I am a very detailed person when it comes to sculpting...and I am very husband says that I am to critical on myself. lol
oh and really it was longer if you add making the chocolate buttercream icing, MMF and looking at coach purses on the I picked some out I liked and made the cake totally different.
Lets see, I made the makeup items in about a day...and the cake I would say 5 to 6 hrs because I have no idea at what I'm doing! lol. I was actually in a rush. I wanted to get it done and delivered by today and I started the makeup Wednesday. I wish I would have had more time because it would have come out better. The MMF was to soft. and I didn't feel like making it over. I really want to start a business of novelty cakes, since I stay home.
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