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I would like to know if the spray on colors are good for MMF. I may have to do a cake that requires black fondant, and wondered if spraying it would be better. Does it have a taste? I have never used it.Thanks
I did mix some mmf in with it, and it's fresh, made it this am. I think I may be using to much crisco and it wont blend into each other.
The problem I am having is the gumpaste not "going" together. I don't mean when it's dry...I mean when I take it out of the bag and knead it, with color or not it doesn't seem to want to go together and I have cracks then. I add crisco to my hands and keep working it. For instance if you take some and roll it out a little like a log and fold it then try to knead it, you can still see the crack where it went together, they won't blend. To soft? To much crisco? Thanks!
So I am learning alot on my own, but this buttercream is giving me a hard time. This is the recipe I use, 3 cups p/s, 8 oz unsalted butter, 1 tsp salt, 1tbsp vanilla, 2 tbsp milk. This recipe is really sweet. It does ok, but it melts or just gets to soft so fast! I tried to make it look like fondant the other day and it was horrible!!! It was soft, had bubbles in it and the cake was ruined! Please tell me where I can find a good BC, that holds up, is good and not to...
oh and all the makeup letters are handpainted.
Debbye27,Thank you so much! That shoe was actually sculpted from polymer clay, so it was a keeper lol. I made a zipper mold from a zipper I had. Works perfect. I think you can buy zipper molds too. As for the credit card I hand painted it all except where it says love to shop I used a edible pen for this. I just used an actual debit card and traced it on a piece of cardstock paper, cut it out then cut my gumpaste credit card from that. I love to hand paint so I would...
Heartsnsync,Thanks for your reply and your compliment! That's what I was thinking, 150 and not 125. I still think a bakery would charge more...but I'm not a bakery skill level either. I can't base my prices on how long it takes me because I work slow and then end up changing things sometimes. Well the purse design was my idea, I just flow with it lol. But of course the C is not mine. I really didn't think about it when I gave it away.
HiThe recipe I use calls for 3-4 cups p/s, vanilla, butter, salt, and milk that's it. It's actually really good. I mean it doesn't get soft and's like the can frosting but thicker. I thought the only way to get icing to crust was to refrigerate sorry I am really new to this.
Wow thanks. I am located in Colonial Heights, so I am not that far from you. I'm sure it's different then Henrico.
Oh have the link lol. I just used DH because the box had it was great for wilton classes, is betty crocker better?
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