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So...I decided to do my first tiered cake for my daughter's 18th birthday, please tell me what you think. It's jeans, and she loves notes and stuff so I stuck those on there. The only thing I am NOT happy with is the third layer MMF is very dry! and you can see holes and cracks in it, oh well goes with the warped jeans I I have support BUT the stacked layers are not held in place with anything, just sitting on top of one another. Am I supposed to put a...
I like to roll my MMF on corn starch, I don't know if ps is better, but how do I remove any that is left on the fondant after I put it on the cake? I have tried a soft paint brush and a paper napkin but I can't get it all off and on dark colors it can be a nightmare. Thanks! I am putting together my daughter's cake today.
Thanks! I am only doing BC icing between the cakes. I don't have experience with making different fillings, plus it's chocolate cake with chocolate we loveeee our chocolate. Should I ice them and put each tier in the fridge or just leave them out covered overnight?
I am about to do my first 3 tiered cake for my daughter's 18th birthday. I have stacked a few small cakes before and had some bulging. How do I prevent this? Each tier will be about 4" thick, and I will definately use support. Should they be ok if I use support? I am doing a thin layer of buttercream and MMF on each layer. The sizes are 10, 8 and 6. Thanks
thanks for all of your help! I would tell everyone not to buy that milk chocolate...maybe Im just a hard core chocolate fan and need more flavor! lol Well back from the store time to bake again.
Yes it threw it the taste wayyyy off, it tasted like moist cardboard lol. Thanks for the recipe, Im gonna stick to my other recipe for this cake and try your recipe on one for us. You live and you learn, and you waste money in the process.
could I add some cocoa powder? I have plenty of that
thank you so much, I have to head to the store now again, because I forgot butter the first time I went, so I went I have to go back ahhh lol!!!
I tried to make a WASC cake with a box of betty crocker milk chocolate and ewhhhh it did not taste like chocolate at all!!! Is it because I used milk chocolate? Do I need to get another chocolate flavor? The texture was wonderful but the flavor was the pits!!Please help have to make a cake and have it done by tomorrow and I don't want to keep experimenting with flavors
Thanks, I think it's Duff's color spray in the can. I guess I can use the wilton's. I just wanted to make sure they didn't have a taste...and they spray on pretty well?
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