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I made the original wasc cake today. A 10" and 6". The tops were a little brown and the middle sprung back when I touched it. I cooked them for at least 50 mins or so and had to turn the oven up to 340. Is it normal for them to be too moist? It looked done, but was kinda gooey., and sticky. Should I cut back on something? It was soooo good, but too moist.
So I tried a wasc wedding cake recipe from that had wonderful reviews and I did not like the way it turned out! Was wayyyy to dry. I used baking strips and the center was still a little wet. I baked a 10" round and I had sooo much batter left over that I had to wait and bake 2 6" round cakes. Anyway, can I bake different size cakes together on separate racks? I was thinking maybe my 10" and a 8", or two 6" and a 8". I am worried if I open the oven they will sink...
Hi,  I am making a practice wedding cake today for my daughter. The cake recipe is on and is the wasc wedding cake. It calls for 2 boxes of 18oz cake mix. Well the boxes only come in 15oz and something now. My question is, I bought 3 boxes, can I just measure this cake mix on my scale to get a total of 36oz? for 2 18oz boxes? I am horrible at math so I can't calculate the rest of the recipe to a 15oz I am going to fill a 10" round pan, I am sure I...
Thanks for your help! I am going to practice this weekend. Her wedding is the 24th. I saw a video on YouTube of a heart cake made with roses. I didn't save the link, but just search for swirled roses on cake. I will post a pic of the finished cake!
oh and what kind of tip would be the best?
I posted a few days ago about making my daughter's wedding cake, which is my first wedding cake. We were going with fondant, but I saw this cake, and others made like it and we both feel in love with it. I have never made these kind of roses, icing roses I guess it's called...and honestly I would love to avoid fondant all together, so I am glad she loves it. So anyway I wanted to ask all of you experienced bakers out there how would I go about doing this. I live in Va,...
Yortma   Thanks alot for your help! Now that I have started viewing wedding cakes, I REALLY like the rose swirl look, maybe for one tier. The funny thing is my daughter said she doesn't care what the cake looks like! lol. My choice. She's so easy to work with..haha.   Thanks again!
Yortma,   How fast do you put your cakes in the freezer? Do you set the pan aside and let it cool completely? Take it out of the pan and cool? and I am guessing a few good layers of saran wrap.
I would love to bake my cakes way before time! So freezing may be the way to go. I do suffer from chronic pain and doing all this work in 3 days would take a toll on me, BUT it's for my daughter!
Thanks, I definately will try a practice cake. Esp a knew recipe. I know for sure my wasc cakes turn out good.
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