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Wow! Thanks a million heartsnsync!! This will help a great deal.   I didn't want to spend extra on those taller boxes.
I'd definitely like to start perfecting my Roses and Lilies.   Being in the UK I'll have to pay for international delivery, so I would like to order a couple of DVDs at a time. There are so many to choose from.
Thanks for your responses. I’ve been torn between the Designmeacake DVDs and the SugaredProductions DVDs. I believe there is a special offer on the SurgaredProductions DVDs at the moment. I’ll have to check out, , and as well.
Hello Folks, I'm trying to improve on my sugar flower skills and have decided to buy a DVD to help me with that.   I have come across a couple of DVD's online but I cannot decide on which one to order. I would like one I can learn a lot from.   Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I think it's a great idea...
I got a dent right across the top of my 7" cake a couple of weeks ago when I used the Mat to roll out Fondant. There was nothing wrong with the Fondant. It turned out to be some long dent on the Mat. I tried rolling over the dent on the Mat to smoothen it out, but that didn't change anything. Instead once I removed the top half of the Mat, I had to roll over the Fondant to get rid of the dent, right before I spread it over the cake. That worked great and I got no dent at...
Thanks for your replies. Much appreciated...   I'll check out all the sites mentioned. I have a 2-tier cake due in 2 weeks and I have to sort out the box ahead of time.
What temperature is your oven when you first put the batter in? For a flat cake the temperature for warming the oven should not be that much higher than the temperature you plan to bake the cake at.   I don’t follow any strict baking times/guidelines. I bake at a lower temperature for longer until I get the sweet scent of a baked cake. Then I start checking to make sure it is done but not overcooked. 
That was one of the things I was doing without realising that I was actually doing a good thing.   The first time I decided to mix my BC and use it straight away without refrigerating and also leaving the Fondant covered cake out in room temperature, things did not go so well . I got more air bubbles than I’ve EVER had before. I had to take off the Fondant and start again 2 times. I learnt my lesson the hard way.
Hi ladies, could anyone please tell me where I can get Cake boxes that are well priced? Boxes for single layer cakes at Hobbycraft are quite expensive, plus they don't do boxes for 2-tier cakes. How do you guys transport your 2 or 3-tier cakes? Thanks...
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