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Shortening =/= Butter.   Trex is Shortening. It can be found next to the Butters and Margarines in any of the Supermarkets like ASDA or Sainsburys.
Not quite London, but a UK member here. I'm with you on this one. I also use Asda's Fondant. The best so far. When I want black or red Fondant I order Renshaw online. I make my own Gumpaste/Flowerpaste though. I think a Meet up is a great idea. I'd love to take part. I'll be heading down to London for a couple of days on the second week of next month anyway, depending on the date, if I can I'd love to stop by. Would be great to talk Cake with Cake Decorators like myself.
I've actually seen a US website with the designer sugar sheets. The delivery cost was to the UK was even more expensive than the product itself lol!  I'm just guessing here, but for a cake decorating company to be selling it on their website then, they must be authorised to right? 
Thank you very much!! Bashini! Those are the exact LV sheets are was referring to. Needed them last month for a bday cake. Searched all over the place but just could not find them. Now I know where to buy them. I wish they also had the white LV design and the Gucci one. Just trying to prepare myself for when I'll need them for a cake.   Thanks again for your help.:-)
I believe they are the same thing. Do you have an idea where I could buy them please?    I'd love to use them for a clean finish on Handbag cakes etc.. The ones I have seen so far are for colourful designs, but I'm looking for the LV and Gucci patterns. Thanks.
Hello Folks, I was wondering if you guys have any idea where I could buy edible icing sheets. The ones that come in different patterns. I believe there are designer patterns as well such as the LV and Gucci ones. I’ve searched through Google, but I can’t seem to find any Website in the UK to order from. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Knowing that, I would have told her either full payment latest 2 weeks before I begin making the Cupcakes, or no order at all. If she didn’t like the price then she could have gone to the other Bakery.   I have never been in the same situation before, but like you I would not say anything about it. Not worth it. Just take note to be careful next time. 
You need to stand your ground. People can only take advantage of you when you allow them to.   I lost a ‘friend’ as a potential customer couple of days ago because I refused to give her a 3-tier cake birthday cake for her kids for the price of a 2-tier. The cake involved quite a bit of detail  and would include making Figures of her kids for the cake. I said ‘cause she is a friend I’d take off the cost of the Figures and a little something more, but she kept...
What temperature is your oven when you first put the batter in? For a flat cake the temperature for pre-heating the oven should not be that much higher than the temperature you plan to bake the cake.   I bake my cupcakes at 150C (I'm in the UK). To get well domed Cupcakes I pre-heat the oven at the maximum temperature. When I put the cupcakes in the oven, I wait for about 5 minutes then reduce the temperature to 150C. That way the outside of the cupcake bakes first...
Sugar flair colours are quite good. Any paste or gel colouring is quite good. I'd stay away from the liquid colours.
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