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ty for the advice mimifix
hi i will be trying a organic cake soon and does anyone know if the timings using organic ingredients will be different...and if i buy all organic ingredients can i cook like any cake i usually make..cheers liz
thank you,they don't have to be 3d,and yes i might try piping them on thanx liz x
hi all,was wandering does anybody have any ideas in how i could make edible eyelashes to go on a cupcake.....thank you x
thanx for the reply,shall go ahead and give it a go x
hi all im really hoping someone can help me,i did my first covering of fondant and im not happy with it,but i cant take it off,as its one of thoses cakes that will rip aart from me taking the fondant off,i was wandering if i could fondant ice over the already iced cake,the first layer was not that thick,so if i did a thin layer maybe i would achieve a neater finnish,i iced the first layer earlier today,and the cake needs to be ready by tomorrow morning,can i ice again now...
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