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The fondant looks smooth and I don't see any bulging. The flowers are pretty, but I think they overwhelm the top tier. I'd put a smaller arrangement on the top and make clusters of 2-3 around the other tiers rather than single flowers evenly spaced around. Congrats on your first wedding cake! You put a lot of work in. Keep it up! Each one will get better and better.
Butter pecan cake Walnut cake Agree that banana would be yummy. Spice cake Apple cake
Do it all in advance. That way any mistakes won't be stuck to a cupcake!
Maybe just dab it on with a damp brush?
I think 5/7/9 is a nice size.
I recently read that you're supposed to remove muffins from the pan quickly, or at least tilt them in the pan so the steam can escape. Trapped steam can make the muffins tough. Maybe that's what's happening here?
What's wrong with just making a scratch cake?
What are you mixing up in that thing!?
You could also do gumpaste. I wouldn't do royal. Unnecessarily fragile.
Scalloped strips, pull the ball tool up toward the straight edge. That's what I see. Cute!
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