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Here's a pretty one for inspiration.
Royal icing keeps for a very long time, but it will separate. If you leave it in the bags, you will find a puddle of liquid in the bottom of the bag that will run out and make a mess when you try to pipe with it. All you have to do is squeeze it back into a bowl and mix it up again. I usually store it in the bags because they're easier to stash away than a million bowls covered in Saran Wrap.
I think for the board, I'd cover the cardboard with some pretty wedding wrapping paper. Since the cupcakes will be in papers, you could just use the wrapping paper or you could cover it with clear contact paper to make a grease proof surface. Either that or fondant with a nice pattern rolled/stamped into it. Hearts or swirls or lace or something. I think the bling in the photo looks real. Not sure what I'd do for that...
How about these? Tutorial
Rubber stamps? All I could find was a $5 though. The $100s were only like 2x3", not full bill size.
Wilton makes edible glitter and there's a tutorial on cc for making your own edible glitter using edible pearl dust and gum-tex.
"Apartment" covers a pretty wide range of dwellings, at least where I live. A crappy apt complex with strange odors through the halls...yes, may affect repeat customers. Are they coming to your house for tastings? How will they know where you live until pick-up time? Not saying you should hide where you live, but if they show up on pick-up day and find that you have a lovely tidy apartment, I can't see what difference it makes. Maybe tell your most loyal repeat customers...
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