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Spray first. The spray will dull your lines.
A bunch of carrots
Like this one? The tutorial doesn't list a tip #, but this technique is just a round tip. A 3 or 5 would probably work.
I would spend some time watching people bake cakes from scratch. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. Martha stewart, baking with Julia, and joy of baking are some that I would recommend to start with. After 25 minutes, you should have had the cakes in the oven and the dishes halfway done! Ok maybe after some more practice... But I think by watching someone else's techniques, you will be able to develop a feel for how things should come together. Btw...a sign of...
Yes, it will sweat as it comes to room temperature, so wait until it's done doing that to add the final coat, but IMO, you're just wasting freezer energy. There is no need to freeze it for freshness' sake.
If your mixer will hold it, do it at once. I don't think it would fit in mine. I just have a regular kitchen aid artisan model.
cut down the cake to the board. Then cut across the fondant along the board.
⬆️ What she said.
Should be fine to double it. 3 cups sugar, 3 cups flour, 1 cup butter = 7 cups. The flour doesn't quite retain that whole volume, but close enough, plus there should be eggs in there somewhere too, right?. 12x18" according to wilton takes 14 cups batter. That's for one 2" layer.
Well, this isn't round, and it isn't wet on wet, but it's another version and no marker!
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