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All I know about YouTube I learned from google, but basically if you put out original content on a regular basis, get comments, likes, and shares, you can make money. I haven't watched the aforementioned cake stacking video, but she does have other cute tutorials. They're more of the cutesy variety rather than professional, which is why I didn't bother to watch her cake stacking video. Based on this thread, I didn't miss much. The chocolate chip cookie shot glass is cute...
She has 300,000 subscribers.
How about a lamb?
Really really nice!
And what did you use for your paint?
What kind of fondant did you use and how much gum tex did you add?
Black edible marker is the easiest thing for an outline on fondant. You could try painting the edge with gel coloring mixed with vodka.
I know you already made this, but just wanted to chime in and say that Aldi's white chocolate is really good. The brand is Choceur (I think, not sure on spelling), and I think it has a great flavor. sometimes white chocolate can taste a but funky to me, but this tasted very good. It is real cocoa butter as well. Just for the future or others who stumble on this thread.'s way cheaper than ghirardelli.
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