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Yes, silicone works for candy melts. You can gently pull the silicone away from the candy to release it rather than whacking it on the counter like a regular clear plastic candy mold.
1x2x4 slice of cake is a decent size slice of cake. If there will be no other food at the party, I'd consider 1.5-2 servings per person. Try slicing your cake into rectangular servings rather than wedges, and you'll get those servings out of your cakes more easily. An 8" serves 24.
Just guessing--I think the main issue will be them defrosting if they're already wrapped in cello bags. When they thaw, the condensation will maket the fondant stick to the bag and that will make a mess. When you freeze a fondant cake, you wrap the cake box in Saran Wrap and foil and then defrost it in the box so that the box attracts the condensation and keeps it off the cake. With that in mind, I would domthis: put the decorated cookies in single layer a flat cardboard...
Maybe try freezer paper instead of waxed paper? I think it has a shiny side. I think the candy would stick to the plexiglass. Don't know how you'd get it off.
He|| to the no. You are building yourself a nightmare clientele. If you keep taking orders like this, these are the only orders you will keep getting. You won't be making any money off of people who don't even pick up the cakes they order! I wouldn't even get the flour out of the cupboard until the final payment check clears.
You could cut your own wrappers. You can find any color paper in the scrapbook section of craft stores.
How about some logos on a fondant or gumpaste pennant on a stick?
Hmm...that's a tough one. I have a "muffins that taste like donuts" recipe and it has a dash of nutmeg in it. Also, sometimes cake donuts have a slight citrus flavor or like the princess emulsion flavor, just a tiny but, not a lot. I might go with a specific type-- jelly donut or cinnamon sugar donut or boston cream donut --instead of a generic donut. I guess that doesn't really address the coffee part though... Sorry.
Yep! What k8 said!
Slap a border on that baby and call it a day.
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