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The puppy peering over the bottom tier of a cake with balloons rising up along the second tier and up,off the top of the cake! So the dog's paws would be resting on the ledge between tiers. His head (and, effectively, the image on the plate) would be on the side of the second tier. Cute!
This is not correct. The ingredients in Paramount crystals are hydrogenated palm kernel oil and lecithin.Also this thread is from 2006.Also buckeyes are da bomb.
Yes, an airtight container should do the trick. Or in a sealed plastic bag.
There are many many forum posts about gold cakes. You might try searching for those to get a variety of ideas and try some of them out on a small cake or cake dummy.
I've never used them but if it says edible on the package, they are truly edible. the luster dusts say "non-toxic." that is the ambiguous term.
Haha darn phones! Please post pics! would live to see it when it's done,
Fondue is melted cheese served in a communal pot. Your chef hat should probably be made of fondant. Or gumpaste. Wrap a cylinder in parchment or waxed paper. Roll out the fondant thinly, cut to height of the hat, and wrap it around the cylinder. Let it dry, then slide it off the tube and pull the paper out. Formthe top...that will be the tricky part. You could drape a shape over some crumpled up waxed paper to make the poufy part of the hat. Or make the pleated kind of...
preheat the oven to 425. Put the cake in, and immediately reduce the temp to 325. Bake until done. I do muffins this way and they get beautiful domes. AND/OR let your cake batter rest for 30 min or even longer after you mix it and before baking. Resting the batter can make it rise higher and more evenly.
You could so silver fondant accents on a buttercream cake. Sometimes people have quite literal interpretations for cake ideas and it's up to the cake artist to steer them into an idea that works better. Eta: the wilton silver spray has no taste. I have used and eaten them. The original version of them had a minty flavor added to cover up the off smell and taste. They changed the formulation since then. It does have a smell when you spray it. It's an aerosol can, so the...
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