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You can try refrigerating or freezing the mold with the fondant in it for a couple minutes. It will firm up the fondant so that it should pop out more easily. Also, if you use a brush to dust the mold with cornstarch, it shouldn't leave much residue.
Huh. Well that makes sense. Thanks!
(I wouldn't be saying anything nasty, btw!! I'd be saying what a bummer and trying to make the best of the party and eating it anyway!! If she is a nice person, she's probably trying to do the same thing.)
I don't understand the problem. Not everyone's trunk has a kidnapped person in it. A trunk is not an inherently dirty place. There are cars with perfectly tidy trunks. And there are perfectly disgusting open rear compartment areas of SUVs and vans too. Do cakes need light and air? They're cakes, not house plants.
I'm not following either. The ruined cake in the photo is sitting on a nonskid mat in on a cardboard box, like it maybe just became out of the box. Thats how I do all my deliveries. I gave a wedding cake to a bride who drove it two hours in MD/VA July heat and it arrived fine.The one thing I did do was clearly state to the customer that it was 100% HER responsibility once it left my hands.The straws were maybe not level, maybe she short-braked or took a hard turn while...
I use parchment on the bottom of my pans, so the bottom comes out fine. The sides always seem to have a spot that needs loosening with a knife. My other cakes I can turn out even if I forget to run a knife around the sides. So I guess the short answer to your question is no.
The sides go crumbly on me too. Just try to wait longer before you take it out of the pan. It will set a bit more as it cools. I frequently wreck the sides of that cake.
Isomalt gems
That's when I stand there scooping out 11 spoonfuls--one from each cupcake--to fill the 12th!
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