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This cake is huge, expensive, and freaking delicious. It's very rich and buttery. I was making it ahead of time and freezing, so I used smbc for the icing. It was perfect. Light, and not too sweet. I highly recommend this recipe.
Ok. Yeah, I think I will make it. It looks like a huge cake. I may just try a half recipe for the initial test. It does have flour in it as well as the nuts. I will report back with my results! and maybe review it online for others too. Thanks for your input enga and cakegrandma! husband's grandmother makes a black walnut cake. It is somewhat dense too...I will have to ask her about her recipe. It is a really good cake. I wonder of it's a method like this.
Ps...I was thinking it can't be that bad since the nut ppl probably have a test kitchen, but I can't find a single review for the recipe anywhere.
This recipe... I clipped it out of a magazine, and it's from the fisher nut company. It has no leavening, nor do you beat the egg whites. Does this seem like a recipe for a brick? Lol...I want to make this cake because I think it sounds delicious, but I'm suspicious of the formula. Wondering if anyone has made a cake like this with no leavening.
I gave her some lunch. Haha. Good suggestion on the white dots. Thanks.
I don't have much experience with figure modeling. Mostly I just play around with play doh with my I made this little cat tonight using a tutorial I found on Pinterest. I thought she turned out pretty cute. Just wanted to share.
That sounds like one huge pain in the........
Great! Cute cake!
Buttercream is fine. It just wont work if she wants to keep the whole thing as a keepsake.
I make this recipe all the time. I had it on cupcakes with fondant toppers in an 80-degree room and it didn't budge. Can't vouch for it on a tiered cake in the heat yet, but the stuff works somehow. Plus it's really yummy.
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