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bobwonderbuns wrote: I haven't heard an answer to this -- I know you can track cake orders and recipes, but how about pricing extras -- gumpaste flowers, chocolate pearls, etc.? How does that figure in, or does it with this program? There is a "Master Materials" list... It typically has things like cake boards, ribbon, any "non-recipe" items, but you can add whatever you like to it... so if you have fixed prices for your items (flowers, chocolate pearls, etc...) you can...
Hello, I had my first diabetic cake request today and I am wondering if anyone has good resources for cake & icing recipes? The client is requesting a pound cake with strawberry preserve filling & a whipped icing. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
thanks for the input everyone! i just made a batch using regular crisco and it worked very well. Her buttercream crusted faster than any recipe I've ever used, but I was still able to smooth it out even after it crusted. The only problem I encountered was making as big of a batch as she does. I have the same size mixer she uses (5 quart KA artisan) but couldn't get all 5 lbs of powdered sugar in.. it was a disaster. I ended up having to scoop a third of the mixture out &...
thanks MacsMom, that's great to hear! I am also trying to find ways to lower my costs... I'm going to try a batch right now
I recently purchased sharon zambito's "perfecting the art of buttercream" DVD and her buttercream recipe calls for the hi-ratio shortening. Does anyone know if this recipe works if you use regular crisco instead? Thanks in advance
I have a customer requesting a layer of fresh strawberries as their filling for next week. I was wondering the same thing. I think I am going to use a thin layer of buttercream between my layers and put thinly sliced strawberries in between. I planned on making sure the strawberries weren't too watery so it wouldn't make the cake soggy. I think your idea would work though... JMO but it's worth a shot!
Oops..spoke to soon, I see the links...! Thank you
Thanks for all the advice! I wondered about the "perfecting the art of buttercream" dvd but wondered if it was a hoax... hahaDo you know where I can get that and how much it costs? Thanks!
Hello everyone, this is my first post but I have been dying to ask, and I'm hoping I get some ideas Does anyone have a good technique to get almost perfectly smooth buttercream on their iced cakes? I have tried a fondant smoother and wax paper once the BC has crusted, and I have also tried the Viva paper towel method. I'm still not getting the BC as smooth as cakes I've seen in the galleries on here. Any tips are appreciated!!
I just took a candy making class last week and my instructor said merckens lasts about 6 months if stored in a cool, dry place. Hope this helps! I also bought the supplies to make chocolate covered oreos this year.. I think they will be a hit! Good luck
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