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I just recieved mine this morning. Looking forward to seeing what it can do!!
I ordered mine and now I am trying to be patient and wait for it to arrive. I am like a kid waiting for Santa to arrive. Always checking to see if the delivery man is bringing my cricut cake!!
I have no money for advertising also. The only thing I have is a card, that I made a deal to make 24 cupcakes to get them designed for free. I get the majority of my customers from and Every week I advertise under wedding and others. In 2 months I built a client list of 20 people. I also created a facebook page to display my cakes. I make 1-3 cakes per week. I also advertise through family and friends.Hope this helps. Let me know how it...
I got one the minute the sale was on!! It's my first one. I even got the Martha Stewart cartridge!! Since I am Canadian I had to pay for shipping , but it was still a great deal!
I had someone like that. She wanted an amazing 3D cupcakes and wanted to pay next to nothing. She even asked if she could examine the kitchen I am working in. I decided if she is that demanding and wants to be cheap at the same time... not worth stressing me out. You did the right thing.. run away! :S
This is great information. The price of molds where I am is crazy. And sometimes they don't have what I am looking for!
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