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Thanks everyone.  This is the second time this lady orders from me the first cake was for her 40th a bout 2 years ago and this was for her daughters 14th.  It was a two tiered cake and the top tier and half of the bottom tier were eaten.  I did go and see and taste it, the cake tasted really nice and she said so her self when I tasted the cake.  The middle of the cake was very dense something did go wrong with the baking.  I am refunding her some of the money but not all...
I received this email from a customer this morning   Morning Joelle,   Thank you for the cake. It was decorated exquisitely!!!   Unfortunately however I was very disappointed with the cake itself. My expectation was to have the same soft and light sponge cake as we enjoyed at my 40th. This cake was dense and heavy. Most kids simply poked at it and threw their slice in the bin. I did not even want to offer it to the adults collecting their kids.   Unfortunately...
I use this recipe all the time and it works. I do bake it for longer than the suggested time.
How much fondant do I need to cover the Wilton's number 1 and number 2 cakes? I thought I had 2kg but i only have 1 is it going to be enough?
Thank you so much, looks like I'll be doing some test cakes this weekend. Both recipes look yummy.
Hi everyoneI need a sturdy chocolate recipe that will hold up to fondant and carving. My favorite chocolate cake made with oil is just too moist and settles too much under the fondant. I made a chocolate Madeira cake yesterday to try out, it was delicious but too dry. My husband says people may think its a bit old I really liked the taste but its not the right recipe.
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